Winter Curb Appeal

Winter Curb Appeal

Winter-time is usually when you are not thinking about curb appeal and thinking more about how is my house handling this weather. We suggest that you think about both. You can do small little things to keep your home looking great when there is a foot of snow in your yard. Below is a few different suggestions to help you get your home looking great this winter.

Winter Curb Appeal

This can become icy if left alone


Keep Your Pathways & Walkways Clear

Slipping can be a dangerous thing to happen in the winter. Making sure that you always have plenty of de-icer and a snow shovel handy is important for making this happen and keeping your walkways pedestrian safe. You can also see if your gutters are leaking. If you see a slick spot (or happen to find one) this will let you know that your gutters may have a problem that needs to be addressed when it’s warmer. Take a photo so you want to remember the spot when it gets warmer. It not only gives your home some great winter curb appeal; it keeps your family safe.

Exterior Lighting

This can be an important part of keeping around your home safe. Since the days are shorter and it gets darker earlier, it’s a pretty smart investment when it comes to safety around the home. There are lots of different ideas to choose from when it comes to exterior lighting. We really like this idea (link). It gives this home almost a fairy-tale look. If whimsical isn’t your style there are also some really great lighting hardware that can bring light to your home while keeping a more conservative look.We suggest something more modern and sleek, such as this (link) Whatever you choose you can rest knowing that your home is a little more safer when you can see where you’re going.

Winter Decor

Add a festive wreath to your entry door, or decorating your empty flower boxes with a seasonal flowers.   Using evergreens and other fake plants would be easier to manage especially when the temperature drops down into those brisk/cold days. Though this is more of a holiday design it could last all year-long. (link) If that isn’t something you’d want to keep all winter long you can add a bird house or something else to keep your flower box full during the winter months (link). Don’t forget about a wreath. Wreaths are a fast and creative way to add curb appeal and charm to your home.  We found a fantastic guide with over 35+ different wreath ideas that range from holiday to just winter themed. (link)

To learn more about winter curb appeal please visit our pinterest board Outdoor Decor.

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