Gutter Maintenance Tip #31 – Using Large Downspout Smaller Gutter

Using Large Downspout Smaller Gutter

Using Large Downspout Smaller Gutter.

Using Large Downspout Smaller Gutter

The main goal of your gutter system is to collect the rain water from your roof, rush it down the downspout and away from your home.  Using large downspout on smaller gutter might be your answer. In some cases we have used a larger (3×4) downspout on a regular 5″ gutter to help all that water flow faster and prevent overflow from occurring. If you see that your gutters are constantly overflowing around the downspout area and you’ve checked for a clog, this may be the solution. Consult with a professional  (such as Gutters & Guards, Inc.) for their opinion.

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