Thanksgiving Home Prep

Thanksgiving Home Prep

It’s the week of Thanksgiving and that can mean a real busy schedule, especially if you are hosting a dinner this Thursday. If you are not hosting and being a visitor this Thanksgiving, you might want to contact your host to see if you can help out by bringing a dish or something. Also plan out your traveling. If you have pets make sure it’s okay that you bring them along or plan to board them.

If you plan on hosting Thanksgiving this year, we have a few tips to help you get through the week.

Thanksgiving Home Prep

Week Of

Plan your menu/cooking schedule. This will help you plan out your morning of Thanksgiving better and allow for you to pick up all that you will need at the supermarket.

We suggest 2-3 days before the day that you shop for perishables. That may include your turkey depending on if you found one before or not.

Day Before

Tidy up the house. Mainly just the rooms that your guests will be in the most. You could recruit some help from your family to make it go a little faster. Make sure you give that bathroom a good scrub down and check your toilet paper levels to assure that you have plenty.

Decorate if you haven’t already. Sweep your entrance way and maybe add some cute crafts or decor to get everyone in the Thanksgiving spirit. Here is a great board from All You Magazine that will help get your home in the spirit. Enjoy and have fun with it!

Set the table. This includes the kids table as well. You can place all the dishes, placecards, flowers and anything else that will be fine sitting out on the table overnight.

Prep your serving dishes. Find all your serving dishing and have them ready to transfer the cooked food into the next day. It may even help to have them in the order you will need them as your follow your cooking schedule.

Thaw out anything that may take some time to unthaw, such as your turkey.

Thanksgiving Home Prep

Day Of

Start with the turkey. It takes the longest to cook thoroughly.

Have sink filled with soapy water so you can wash dishes as you go.

After everyone gets their first plate make sure to cover all the leftovers until you place them in Tupperware to keep in the fridge. This will prevent food-borne illnesses.

Enjoy your company!

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