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Reusing Old Gutters!

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Are you planning on replacing your gutters soon? Instead of chucking them into the garbage, Reusing Old Gutters!  There are a lot of ways that you can reuse them. We’ve compiled a list of the most interesting or useful ways to reuse them. 1. Planters – One of the more common ways to reuse them. Whether your want to plant flowers, fruit or herbs. It’s a fantastic was to lift it off the ground or if you have limited backyard (or no backyard) space.  Learn how to make a hanging planter with this.  Or on a wall from Lowes.   2. Shelves – So many possibilities with this one! A book shelf, Crafts, shoes, cleaning supplies, and  it’s a really simple installation. You could use it as a reading nook, craft supplies, to dry off wet shoes, or to hold cleaning supplies in a closet or cabinet.  Get the step-by-step guide.   3. Easel – if your kids love to paint and you hate the mess that comes along with it. Why not try this handy idea?  Using plexiglass as the canvas and the gutters to hold all of the tools. Great Ideas. 4. Picnic Drink Container – This is a great idea that you can either buy or DIY. Perfect for family BBQ. You could also add individual cup holders so you can put your opened drinks there too.  Add some cool to your table. 5. Sandbox –  If you have a sand box attaching your gutter to it would be a great idea so your children could either build castles or have matchbox car races. Their possibilities are as endless as their imagination.  Here’s a cute idea for your kids. Who knew that there were so many ways to reuse your gutters! If reusing your gutters isn’t your style then we do offer to recycle them after we replace them. Just give us a call at (855) 2 -NO CLOG or send us a message. All photos courtesy of Pinterest.  Follow links to see tutorials of each item.

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