Summer Maintenance Tips For Downspouts & Gutters


Summer can bring all kinds of problems to your gutters that we wouldn’t think possible to effect them. With all of the thunderstorms that can bring high winds and hail to the sweltering heat that can cause fires and debris to fall on your roof, it’s another time that having clean gutters can be a big help. There are a few summer maintenance tips that we have to keep your gutters and downspouts happy all summer long. summer maintenance tips for gutters and downspouts


Wet Summer

When the summer storms come (although they seem a little early this year) damages can happen from heavy winds and rain.  It can cause other debris and materials to hit your gutters which can dent them, and start a leak or break your gutters.  This is a reason it is important to check your gutters after a large thunderstorm.  This prevents further damage from occurring and keeps the rest of your home safe from pricey repairs.

A good rule of thumb when choosing gutters for your home is to choose a gutter that can handle the average rainfall for your area. ( Lynchburg, VA average amount here )

If the amount of rainfall per hour is 1″:

5″ 1/2 Round holds 2500 sq.ft.

6″ 1/2 Round holds 3840 sq.ft.

5″ K-Style holds 5520 sq.ft.

6″ K-Style holds 7960 sq.ft.


Dry Summer

When the summer gets hot and dry this can cause for a whole new list of problems to arise. Trees start to prune themselves when the weather becomes too hot and dry.  This happens when the weather is above average and the trees are not getting enough water and becoming weak. You know this when they prematurely start to loose leaves and pine needles.

This problem can lead to a far worse problem which is debris fire.  When the weather gets really hot and this can cause debris fires to start up.  This is far more dangerous during those hot, dry summer months.

So the summer time is not a time to slack on cleaning your gutters and if you find that this is annoying and want to keep it down to two cleanings a year, we suggest you install a gutter guards system to keep your gutters clean and free from debris.


For a free estimate on gutter cleaning, repairs or adding gutter guards, call us today! Our experienced team will take the guess-work out of the process, and ensure that your home is protected.

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