Gutter Maintenance Tip #42 – Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance. Gutters are an extension of your roof. They work as a system to protect your home from leaks, and other mother nature related problems. So maintaining your roof is just as important as maintaining your gutters.

Roof Maintenance

3 ways to keep your roof maintained is by removing loose debris from the shingles of your roof, such as leaves, twigs and branches. This helps protect and prolong the life of your roof and will help keep the bigger, gutter clogging debris out of your gutters! The biggest places to look at is valleys and where a wall and roof meet.

Also keep an eye out for moss, milder and mold. A large tree or shade. Over time moss, mildew and mold build up. There are companies that specialize in mold, moss and mildew buildup.  NEVER use a hard bristled brush or power washers. This can destroy your shingles and cause water leaks.

The last way to maintain your roof is by unclogging and keeping your gutters and downspouts cleaned. Backed up gutters pushes water over the gutter onto your roof. Running down the fascia board. With it going against the grain of your roof, this can cause water leaks!  That’s why we believe in keeping a clean and maintained gutter.

For a free estimate on gutter cleaning, repairs or adding gutter guards, call us today! Gutters & Guards experienced team will take the guess-work out of the process, and ensure that your home is protected.

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