Removing Icicles From Gutters

Removing Icicles From Gutters. Icicles overhanging your roof may look like a scene from movie, but they can cause a lot of trouble. If left alone, the icicles may melt and refreeze into ice dams or may fall and cause injury to you, your family or guests. When a long-term warm-up is not in the forecast take steps to remove icicles yourself.

Removing Icicles From Gutters

We do not suggest you climb a ladder and bang them off your gutters with a hammer but rather take some preventative measures to ensure no heavy ice hang down. We have a few tips on preventing icicles and hopefully keeping your home from forming ice dams.

Proper Exhaust – Many appliances and rooms in your home produce heat. The kitchen, laundry room, and bathrooms all produce excess heat, and if the exhaust from these areas aren’t properly insulated and caulked, heat can escape into the attic.  Maintaining the ducts from these areas is crucial in the fight to stop ice dams and icicles.

Roof Raking – One simple solution is to remove the snow from the roof yourself.  Many hardware stores carry snow rakes, a telescoping tool to manually remove the snow from the roof before ice dams form.  Keep in mind that these rakes should never be used while on a ladder, but are effective at freeing your roof of snow.  Using a rake to remove snow right after a storm will stop ice dams before they every have a chance to form and keep you from trying to rake heavy, crusty snow which makes the job much harder to do. (Source)

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