Gutter Maintenance Tip #41 – Reattach Downspout Elbow

Reattach Downspout Elbow

Reattach Downspout Elbow. Gutter can take a lot. From massive amounts of rain passing through them yearly, they certainly get a good workout. This also means besides water some other debris can find their way in and through your gutters and downspouts including sticks and twigs.

Reattach Downspout Elbow

Some may fall through your downspout hitting the boot at the bottom with quite a force. If you find that the elbow of your downspout has fallen off, fear not because it can be reattached, as long as it was not completely damaged. It should be a pretty easy fix by just fitting the two piece back together. The most important thing to do is to make sure it is attached. You can attach the two pieces together with small screws or pop rivets. If the elbow that has been broken apart is the top elblow, please call a professional because it can be a bit more difficult to DIY.

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