Fast Fact #49 – Prevent Ice Dams This Fall

Prevent Ice Dams This Fall

Prevent ice dams this fall by following a few easy steps. By cleaning out your gutters in the fall after the majority of leaves have fallen you can cut down on the chance of ice dams. Ice dams have nothing to do with your gutters but your gutters can be a part of it. If your gutters are clogged this is causing more water to be in your gutters and not allowing water to flow like it should. So when it gets cold enough water is freezing in your gutters and it will build because of the constant freezing and melting during winter.  So save yourself some trouble and clean your gutters today. You might also want to look into adding more insulation in your attic to prevent warm air from escaping. To learn more about ice dams and how they form check out our other post.  For more fast facts check out our Good To Know Pinterest Board!fastfact#49


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