5 Ways to Prevent Danger During Gutter Cleaning

Spring has sprung! And with that seasonal shift comes rain – and thunder, and wind, and even hail! This annual slew of damaging conditions can quite literally wreak havoc on your home’s exterior, specifically your gutters. Spring is the perfect time to prepare for summer thunderstorms.  Get your gutters in tip top shape to handle whatever Mother Nature throws at them safely.


Prevent Danger During Gutter Cleaning

Last week, we talked about evaluating your gutters for damage and debris build up. Our top 5 suggestions for physically getting the job done. If you do choose to clean your own gutters, keep these tips in mind. Protect yourself AND to your home.

  1. Wear the right clothing: Avoid anything baggy, and make sure that you wear shoes that are snug and tied tightly. Flip flops are just a bad idea!
  2. All about the gloves: If you choose to clean your gutters by hand (not with a hose or other tool), make sure you wear the heavy duty kind. The last thing you want to do is grab a rusty piece of sharp metal – From 20 feet up in the air.
  3. Ladder stability: Speaking of that height, make sure your ladder is properly placed and level. Avoid setting it up on patches of soft ground, and don’t rest the top against the gutters themselves as they can easily buckle under the added pressure.
  4. Prepare for allergies: Spring is the height of allergy season and, if you suffer from them, a face mask could be a good idea. That way, sneezing fits won’t throw off your balance while up on the ladder.

Our 5th suggestion for avoiding danger? Call in the professionals! Our trained repairmen and installers are used to these types of danger prone conditions and are eager to help you avoid them altogether. We have several clients who have already scheduled regular seasonal maintenance, once in the spring and again in the fall. We’ll come out and rid your gutters of debris, and will make any necessary repairs to prevent your home from unnecessary damage.

If regular cleanings, whether done on your own or by a professional, aren’t ideal for your schedule or budget, another option is to install gutter guards. These state-of-the-art systems literally guard your gutters from debris and insects, making them virtually maintenance free. That way, you can enjoy peace of mind year round.

For more tips on exterior spring cleaning, click here. And remember – We are always available to meet with you for a free estimate. Call us today!

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