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Heating Solutionsfor your gutters.

Heating Solutions. This time of year with the leaves falling, so does the temperature. As we kick on the heaters and bring out the extra blankets there are always ways to cut back on how much you spend keeping warm. There are a few myths that we are going to explore and help you find the best solution for you and your wallet.

Myth: Turning the heat off during the day is the best way to conserve energy.

This can be too risky due to the fact that completely turning off the heat will let the temperature drop and can leave your pipes more room to burst. Instead invest in a programmable thermostat. During the winter schedule your thermostat to drop to 68 degrees when you’re home or lower when you are sleeping or away. You can save money this way.

Myth: Wood-Burning Fireplaces will reduce your heating bills.

Fireplaces are meant to heat small intimate areas not large areas. There are fireplaces designed to heat but most of it comes from a central furnace. In most cases a heater is going to be the best choice from a thermal performance POV. If you do use your fireplace to heat a smaller area make sure to have it inspected once a year.

Myth: Portable Space Heaters Hog Energy.

If you live in a poorly insulated home, space heaters can be an energy-efficient option to heat a small area.  Some older homes do not come with central heating and a portable space heater is the best solution for heating up a space that you are frequenting. Do some research to find the best heater for you. If you home already has central heating, an portable heater can help save money if you turn down the home’s main heating system. Use it in the family room at night if your family gathers in one room for a few hours, but remember to follow safety rules like the 3ft zone rule or never leaving the heater unattended. Don’t forget to use eletric heating blankets if

Myth: Having cold feet is just part of enduring the winter.

Cold feet may actually be a sign that your home isn’t weatherized properly. If you feel any drafts along the floor, try to weatherstrip, caulk or seal any cracks. Also make sure that the heating vents aren’t blocked by furniture or any other objects. Consider buying an air deflector. And don’t overlook the obvious: Wear socks and slippers around the house. If you have ceiling fans, remember to switch to winter mode.

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