Heated Gutter Guards

Heated Gutter Guards

Winter is approaching and that means that snow and other nasty winter weather on its way as well. Live in an area where snow is a constant problem? Clogged gutters causing terrible damage or your gutters are prone to icicles and ice dams due to poor insulation or yo-yo weather. Heated gutter guards may be your answer.

Heated Gutter Guards

How does it work?

Well our MasterShield gutter guards work by heating with a self-regulating heat cable ( constant wattage heat cable). This means you can heat an area as small as over an entrance way or entire gutter run and it will prevent ice in your gutters and ice dams from freezing solid, allowing water flow through gutters and preventing ice gutter clogs.

MasterShield’s Ice Shield Heated Gutter Guards offer a stress-free way to heat your gutters in the winter that doesn’t require you to change your current set up, allows for all year use and still keeps all organic debris out!

The heated area on Ice Shield Heated Gutter Guards does not interfere with the room allotted for rain water intake. It allows heat to radiate and keeps it efficient. Water will not damage it unless there is a rip or tear in the cable. All the benefits of traditional Mastershield gutter guard product included and the great warranty! Contact Gutters & Guards today to get a free estimate and get the process of clean gutters started! For more information about the heated gutter guard we offer, check out MasterShield’s website!

For a free estimate on gutter cleaning, repairs or adding gutter guards, call us today! Gutters & Guards experienced team will take the guess-work out of the process, and ensure that your home is protected.

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