Don’t be caught off guard by the next storm

Don’t Be Caught off guard by the next storm with gutter storm damage.

Gutter Storm Damage


The unexpected storms in Lynchburg and surrounding areas caught us off guard and left most of these areas with a mess to clean up. Don’t leave important issues on the exterior of your home forgotten. Be aware of the results hail and wind damage could have on your roof and gutters.

Most homeowners know that strong storms, hail and other threatening weather conditions can damage their property, but not many know that even hail alone can lead to the need for extensive roof repairs – or a total roof replacement in some cases.

Winds of 70 miles or more are known to damage shingles or even loosen them from the rooftop, particularly if the shingles are aged or not installed properly. The main issue that follows this type of damage is missing singles, which could expose your home’s roof to potentially expensive water damage if the shingles are not replaced before the next storm hits.

Before calling a roofing contractor, it’s not a bad idea to first walk around your house and look for any damage. If you notice problems with your roof or gutters, your next step is to contact your roofing professional directly. The most accurate way to evaluate any damage from strong wind or hail is to call a professional roofing contractor for a free estimate. Roofing experts will evaluate the wind damage to your home and decide the condition of your roofing material, along with a quick check of your gutters to guarantee their reliability.

Act immediately to avoid any further damages. But please don’t climb onto your roof – contact a professional to take care of your roofing and gutter needs. Call Rempfer Construction Inc. at (434) 239-8446 to schedule your free estimate today.

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