Gutter Maintenance Tips #8 – Gutter Overflow

Gutter Overflow

April Showers Bring May Flowers.  Gutter overflow can cause lots of problems from foundation damage to water damages on your home. There are a few solutions on what the fix could be and depending on how your gutters are handling it during the rain.

Gutter Overflow

If the water is overflowing at the bottom of a valley this is not because your gutters are not working right, there is just too much water running to one central point. Add a divertor to split the water sending it both ways easing the run of water to the point. If they are running over your gutter guards, this is usually a pitch problem.  Have your local professional adjust this. If water is running behind your gutter this could mean that your gutters are loose from your fascia. Have a professional tighten these and check for fascia for rot.

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