Gutter Maintenance Tip #28 – Check Fascia Board For Rot

Check Fascia Board For Rot

During your bi-annual gutter cleaning, it’s best to Check Fascia Board For Rot or other issues. A few signs that let you know that it could be time to replace your fascia include:

  • Peeling/Flaking paint: Notice that the paint is coming off of your wooden fascia board. Sand and repaint.
  • Leaking gutters: If you don’t clean your gutters regularly they can often develop leaks, affecting your fascias and soffits. This is not good for your fascia boards, because all that water that is leaking out of your gutters can do some damage to your fascia boards.
  • Rot and Damp: Water is also responsible for causing sections of damp and rot along your roofline including your fascia.
  • Infestations: By infestations we mean pests such as mice, squirrels and bees. If there are damages ( holes,etc.) They will almost certainly try to build their homes there. Short term solutions such as bait and poison will help but it’s not a long term solution.
  • Bird’s nests: Like pest infestation, birds can also set up shop in rafters and disused chimneybreasts and breed. Some bird species protected so it always pays to seek advice before interfering with a nest. A secured Roofline will keep birds from your property. Do NOT call a roofing professional to remove the birds, call animal control first.

Check Fascia Board For Rot

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