Gutter Guard Ice

Gutter Guard Ice

Gutter Guard Ice . As the temperatures drop, we are reminded of the icicle and gutter guard issue. As a new gutter guard owner you may think to yourself, should you expect gutter guard icicles? The answer is a simple YES. That DOES NOT mean you will most certainly get icicles. It means that there is a possibility. You could get big icicles, small icicles or no icicles. It’s going to depend on a number of things and they are NOT caused by having gutter guards.

Why Do I Have Icicles?

Gutter guard icicles form because the metal or plastic used in the manufacturing process freezes just like everything else around it when the temperatures drop below freezing. Once the product is frozen it won’t thaw again naturally until temperatures rise above freezing. In the interim, if there is frost, rain or snow, the surface of the product will be inpenetrable, just like the frozen surface of a lake. When this happens, if the roof temperature heats up faster than the metal of the gutter (because the heat that you use to heat your home is escaping through your roof and not from your gutter, for example), water can run over the gutter guard and drip. These drips will cause gutter guard icicles to form. This can also happen without a gutter guard. Remember that most likely your gutter is made out of metal and will get VERY cold.

Can It Be Avoided?


There are certain products that you can use to keep your gutters/gutter guards heated and free to ice. Running heat tape or heating cables under the product will do this. Many heated systems are programmed to turn on once the weather drops below a certain point. It’s also VERY important to mention that heated products are expensive and should not be used just to keep icicles off your gutters. If you town is known to have huge snow build up or cold snaps lasting weeks, it may be a good investment.  You can also use a snow rake to get the snow off your roof, this can prevent icicles from forming as well.

If you think a few days with icicles will bother you more than having to clean your gutters, think carefully before purchasing any gutter guard. Are gutter guard icicles worth avoiding? We’d say yes if they impact any entrance way into your home. A $30 snow rake cost effective way to manage the problem in the first place.


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