Frozen Downspouts

Frozen Downspouts

Frozen Downspouts. Ice happens in the winter months. You cannot prevent mother nature for happening but you can prevent the amount of build up that is left to freeze. Frozen downspouts can happen and when they do, this is the best course of action to take.

Frozen downspouts; Now what to do. Typically in this part of Virginia, a cold snap doesn’t last too long unless there is snow involved. Check the weather. If the temperatures are rising above freezing in a couple days, let it go. As long as your gutters are clean and free of debris you should be fine and the ice will melt and water will move away from your home, like normal. If the ice is building up at the bottom of your downspout, clear the snow away from it and this will give the ice/water room to move.


If the weather seems like it will be at or below freezing for a while.

Take some action. Heavy frozen ice can cause a lot of damage and put A LOT of weight on your gutters. As the weight increases the odds of your gutters or downspouts tearing away from your home go up. This can lead to bigger fixes such as water leaks or improper drainage.


A good way to unthaw a downspout that has frozen at the bottom is by using VERY hot water to melt it. If it’s frozen throughout the downspout, you can climb a ladder and pour water into the top, which can unthaw mild ice buildup. If the inside doesn’t work, try the OUTSIDE of the downspout. Never use force because this can truly mess up your downspout. Also never climb a ladder in wet conditions. It’s too dangerous and never worth the risk.

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