Cleaning Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture Clean Up. This summer choose a sunny, warmer day to pull your patio furniture out of storage and deep clean it if you have not yet.

Cleaning Patio Furniture

Like we’ve said above, choose a sunny day. It give your furniture and cushions ( if washable) time to dry. Before you get started, gather all your materials such as: soap, glass cleaner, bucket, water, sponges and your garden hose. Choose cleaning method based on the type of patio furniture you have. Below we have 4 different methods for wicker, wrought iron, wood, and plastic, as well as cushions and the umbrella.


Bring all the furniture and set it on a concrete slab. Mix 1/4 cup of mild dish soap with one gallon of water, then dip a brush or sponge and scrub furniture. After you give them a good scrub, rinse with water and let them air dry. If you notice water spots, wipe them with a cloth. The same cleaning method can be used for glass top furniture and after they dry, spray with glass cleaner and wipe clean with cloth.


For wicker furniture, use a soft bristle brush and the soap mix from above. This will dislodge dirt and remove stains. Rinse with garden hose and let air dry.


For wood furniture, the cleaning mix is a little different. Combine two oz of bleach with one gallon of hot water. Use a sponge and apply to furniture. Let it sit for 15 mintutes and use a soft brush to scrub. Scrub WITH the grain not against. Rinse with garden hose and let air dry.


Wrought iron furniture can be a bit trickier to clean, especially if there’s rust. If there is rust, remove the rust with sandpaper and repaint as needed. If there is no rust then you can wash your furniture with a soap mixture used for the plastic chairs. After you rinse the soap off the furniture you can take an extra step and finish with a coat of wax.

Cleaning Patio Furniture


To clean cushions, lay them out on a hard, clean surface, but don’t put them on grass or dirt.

Spray the cushions with a hose using the nozzle attachment, then pour dish soap onto a wet sponge and scour the cushions. Rinse your cushions clean with the hose until all the soap is gone. Kneel on each cushion, pressing it from top to bottom, to squeeze the water out, also flip the cushions every few hours so both sides can dry. If your cushions did not make it or are old, you can toss them out or just replace the fabric on them.


To clean a patio umbrella, place old sheets on the ground, then spread the opened umbrella out on top of the sheets. Use soapy water and a scrub brush to remove dirt, then rinse it thoroughly with a hose. Let the umbrella air dry completely before putting it back up.

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