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Tips On Replacing Your Gutters

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Spring seems to be coming early this year. It’s the time for new beginnings and updating.  If you are planning on updating or replacing your gutters this spring here are a few tips on making sure you choose what is right for your home and budget. Size Is the current size gutter system the right size for your home?  If you live in an area where there is heavy rainfall or you have a steep roof, you might want to update to a larger gutter.  The standard house gutter size is 5″.  If you’re having issues with overflow or your current gutters not being able to keep all the rainwater, 6″ is the next size up.  A 6″ gutter is typically a commercial gutter but for some homes, its more effective than a 5″ gutter.  Consult with your gutter professional to see which option is best for you. Material Our most common gutter is the 5″ white aluminum K-Style Gutter.  Whether you are looking to change it up with a different color or different style, we can help.  You’d be surprised at what a darker gutter can add to your home. Check out our gallery and see for yourself.   They actual material you use can depend on a number of factors.  We have a older blog post that can help you decide if you want aluminum, copper or galvanized gutters.        

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