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Gutter Maintenance Tips #6 – Rain Gutter Leak

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Rain Gutter Leak A rain gutter leak can be a real problem if it’s neglected long enough. We always advise you to pay close attention to your gutter when it rains. This will let you know if you are having a problem or not. It also prevents damage such as water damage and soil erosion from occurring. Use a china marker to mark areas where leaks are occurring, water is running over and more so when it dries you can address the problem area. If you roof it high above the groud, DO NOT CLIMB on a ladder. This is too dangerous, we suggest instead that you take a photo or video. Almost everyone has a device that allows you to capture a photo or video. You can also use it if you want a professional to come out and look at it. It will allow the problem to be taken care of much faster. For a free estimate on gutter cleaning, repairs or gutter leaf guards, call us today! Our experienced team will take the guess-work out of the process, and make sure that your home is protected. Connect with us for daily inspiration, updates and information: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

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