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A visual guide to different gutter styles

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Although all of us here at Gutters and Guards, Inc. can spout off the names of different gutter and downspout styles on sight. we realize that this is an acquired knowledge. To help get you up to speed. we’ve compiled a few diagrams and examples that should make you a gutter identifying expert in no time.   Seamless k-style gutters now account for over 80% of those installed today. The “k” in the name refers to the vague curve of the outer shape when viewed from the side. These types of ornate gutters are popular with modern homes because of the molding-like silhouette. Coming in all manner of colors and finishes, including galvanized steel and copper, these stylish systems easily blend into the architectural details of a home. Although generally harder to clean when not equipped with a guard, k-style gutters tend to withstand and hold more water and are stronger than other styles. Above is another example of this seamless gutter style. If you have to squint to distinguish between the oil rubbed bronze colored molding and gutter system, you’ll see just what we mean about it blending so easily into its surroundings. Another type of gutter system is a half round. The name for this gutter type isn’t hard to figure out, given the half rounded shape of the material itself. Half round gutters of today gained popularity in Europe as modern homes chose to adopt a period look similar to those used centuries ago. That said, k-style gutter systems remain the industry standard because of the elegant shape resembling interior crown molding. The main advantage to half round over k-style is the maneuverability of debris within the gutter itself. The curved and squared edges of k-style systems, although lovely can pose flow issues, while the symmetrically smooth interior of half round gutters are ideal for transporting runoff with ease. They are easier to clean and are less likely to corrode since water doesn’t have anywhere to collect. Half round gutter systems do tend to be more expensive though, and also hold less water than similarly sized k-style gutter systems, making them unappealing for homes in cities with heavy annual rainfall. There’s no denying the unique look and feel of half round gutters though, especially in the copper finish shown above. As you can see, the style works especially well with a home covered in cottage detailing, such as shake siding and shingles. Downspouts are another piece to the puzzle to consider, although a bit more straightforward than different gutter styles themselves. Round downspouts are again, exactly what you’d think – They resemble perfectly round pipes coming down from the gutter system hung at the height of a home’s trim. In basic terms, downspouts help to protect your home from water damage by directing run off away from the foundation of your home. Round downspouts are typically installed beneath half round gutter systems, as seen above. Round downspouts, like half round gutters, tend to be a bit more expensive than k-style gutters and their rectangular downspouts since more material is required during installation. That said, the elegantly round shape is often more appealing visually than rectangular. Moving onto those rectangular downspouts, these systems easily match the shape of the k-style gutters they tend to accompany. Also referred to as leaderpipe, downpipe, or drainspout, these types of downspouts work best for homes built in areas of heavy rainfall. And they too come in all sorts of color and finish options to match a home’s look. For a quick everyday guide to gutter systems and the different styles, click to and bookmark our gutter illustrations page here. And if you ever want to upgrade or repair your existing gutters, feel free to call us today to set up a free estimate. Connect with us for daily inspiration, updates and information: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

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Keeping A Clean Gutter

You’ve already got a full list of things to clean inside this spring – why not focus a little attention outside as well? By Keeping A Clean Gutter. Spending time on the exterior of your home could make a huge difference in the life span of the materials used to keep your stylish rooms inside safe from damaging rain, snow and wind. A great place to start is with your gutters. Spending a weekend on clearing and repairing your gutters could mean the difference between a stress free season and a costly one. We recommend that you do this twice a year – once in the spring and again in the fall. Here are some quick things you can do yourself to stay on top of the project. First, check the flow of water through your gutters and downspouts. You can do this by waiting until the next big rain fall, or by using a hose to simulate natural water flow. If you start to see water pouring over the edges, it could mean that the gutter is clogged. The same thing goes for downspouts that aren’t letting water through the end. A careful removal of gutter debris by hand may work wonders, as does flushing the downspout with a hose. If you can see that your gutters are sagging in certain places, you may need to replace the fasteners. Furthermore, gutter sealer is a great way to close up any minor cracks. If you peer around at your gutters and see large amounts of debris, excessive sagging or cracking, it’s usually best to call in a professional. Our trained installers here at Gutters and Guards, Inc. are happy to come out for a free estimate to plan how we can get your gutters back in shape for spring showers and storms. If you need help crossing this spring cleaning “to do” off your list, we’re just a call or click away! Connect with us for daily inspiration, updates and information: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

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Don’t be caught off guard by the next storm

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Don’t Be Caught off guard by the next storm with gutter storm damage. source The unexpected storms in Lynchburg and surrounding areas caught us off guard and left most of these areas with a mess to clean up. Don’t leave important issues on the exterior of your home forgotten. Be aware of the results hail and wind damage could have on your roof and gutters. Most homeowners know that strong storms, hail and other threatening weather conditions can damage their property, but not many know that even hail alone can lead to the need for extensive roof repairs – or a total roof replacement in some cases. Winds of 70 miles or more are known to damage shingles or even loosen them from the rooftop, particularly if the shingles are aged or not installed properly. The main issue that follows this type of damage is missing singles, which could expose your home’s roof to potentially expensive water damage if the shingles are not replaced before the next storm hits. Before calling a roofing contractor, it’s not a bad idea to first walk around your house and look for any damage. If you notice problems with your roof or gutters, your next step is to contact your roofing professional directly. The most accurate way to evaluate any damage from strong wind or hail is to call a professional roofing contractor for a free estimate. Roofing experts will evaluate the wind damage to your home and decide the condition of your roofing material, along with a quick check of your gutters to guarantee their reliability. Act immediately to avoid any further damages. But please don’t climb onto your roof – contact a professional to take care of your roofing and gutter needs. Call Rempfer Construction Inc. at (434) 239-8446 to schedule your free estimate today. Connect with us for daily inspiration, updates and information: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

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